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 Long Term Care 

With over 25 years of experience, we strive to help our partners deliver better patient outcomes, provide tools to manage rental expenses and make informed purchase decisions. It is our goal to help our customers provide the highest level of care for their communities.

  • Flexible daily rental rate pricing when it’s not feasible to purchase expensive DME for short term use

  • Flexible buyout requests for items that turn into long term rentals

  • 24hr support to accommodate hospital discharges or new admits

  • Ability to download manufacturers guides/product specifications to assure informed decisions when selecting products. This also can be helpful dealing with product related information during state surveyors.

  • Our economies of scale allow us to provide the most aggressive purchasing pricing to our customers


Why Rent:

  • Save on Storage

  • Reduce the risk of infection control

  • Control expenses for short term use

  • Eliminate Maintenance Costs

  • Live Equipment Tracking to ensure items are picked up

  • Conserve your capital

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