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 Specialty Equipment 

Feeding Pump 

  • 72-hour history.

  • ATM-Style interface.

  • DEHP-free pump sets.

  • Anti-free-flow pump sets.

  • The smart technology identifies the pump set and allows programming for only that type of pump set.


CPM Machine 

  • ​Provides Anatomical Motion for all Types of Knee Rehab

  • Patient Compliance Usage Meter

  • Ultra-Wide Carriage for Ease and Comfort

  • Hyperextension - 10º to Full Knee Flexion 120º

  • Easy to use Hand Held Control Pendant

  • Lightweight(only 28 lbs).

DVT Leg & Foot Pump 

Helps Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

  • Provides Compression to the Calf or Thigh

  • Increases Blood Velocity in the Deep Veins

  • Prevents Venous Stasis

  • Stimulates Fibrinolysis

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