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Hotline Consultant

 Online Ordering 

Executive Dashboard 

Gain insights into your patient population by viewing metrics at the patient, branch, regional, and corporate levels to improve financial decision-making.

Real Time Order Status 

Track the ETA of a delivery, pickup or service order.  Receive alerts on when orders have been completed. 

Product Specs & Manufactures Guidelines 

Empower staff to make the correct decisions when selecting a product. 

Automated DME Invoicing 

Access monthly invoices at a Click. Gain visibility and insight into rental & purchase volumes. 

Make Informed Purchase Decisions 

Tools to empower staff to identify long term rentals and request buyout pricing. 

Ordering Platform 

Ability to place orders 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Live time data to monitor patients rentals in home or facility settings. 

Ordering Approval System 

Control expenses by managing behavior across your organization. Simply approve an order or substitute it with a more cost effective option.  

Better Visibility of Rental Volumes 

Monitor live time rental volumes with and export data to excel. 

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