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Building a Computer


Oxygen concentrator is not delivering O2
  1. Place the nasal cannula in a cup of water. If the water bubbles, the O2 is being delivered. If there are no bubbles move on to step 2.

  2. Check the humidifier bottle (water bottle)- If the bottle is not screwed on properly (against the thread) it will cause the concentrator to malfunction. Please complete the following:

    • Shut off the concentrator.

    • Remove the water bottle and its lid completely from the concentrator.

    • Remove the lid from the bottle and screw it back on properly.

    • Screw the bottle back on the concentrator properly.

  3. Make sure the Humidifier bottle is not over-filled or empty; the water must be within the fill lines labeled on the bottle.

  4. Check for kinks in the tubing or something lying on the tubing; this will block the air flow and cause the concentrator to malfunction.

  5. Nothing should be obstructing the filter unit; the unit needs at least 12 inches of free space from the filter. In addition, the filter unit must be clean and the concentrator should not be placed near a major heat source.

How to apply a regulator on a backup tank properly
  1. Slide the regulator on top of the tank; line up the protruding pins on the regulator with the pin inlets on the tank (like a puzzle).

  2. Tighten the regulator until it is snug; do not overtighten.

  3. Turn the valve on the top of the tank to the left, to open the airflow. The regulator should then show how much is left in the tank.

* Some of the tanks have a valve that cannot be turned by hand. These tanks require a key to open up the airflow. The key is a flat piece of metal w/ a square hole. Place the key on top of the valve to turn the tank on or off (turn right/on and left/off.)

BI-PAP or C-PAP Machine
There is no display on the machine
  1. The power cord should be connected to the machine and plugged in.

  2. The switch should be in the ON position, located at the back of the machine.

There is not enough air pressure from the PAP unit
  1. Ramp time could be in use; wait for the air pressure to build.

  2. Clean or replace the air filter if needed.

  3. Check the air tubing to see if it is kinked or punctured.

  4. Check to see if the air tubing is connected properly. Re-connect if necessary.

  5. Check the mask and make sure it is positioned on the patients face properly and you have the correct size mask.

Full/Semi Electric
Bed frame the remote is not functioning
  1. Unplug the bed from the outlet to reset the bed.

  2. The cord from the remote must be attached to the control unit located under the bed.

The bed sounds as though it is working, but will not move
  1. Unplug the bed from the outlet to reset the bed.

  2. The cord from the remote must be attached to the control unit located under the bed.

Joerns Low Bed
Will not raise or lower
  1. Unplug the bed from the outlet to reset the bed.

  2. The cord from the remote must be attached to the control unit located under the bed.

When raising the head of the bed the power shuts off
  1. Make sure the bed is pulled away from the wall a few inches to leave clearance for raising and lowering the bed. In the lowest setting, the bed frame may sit below most outlet receptacles. If this is the case and the bed is pushed too close to the wall; when the bed is lowered it may unplug or cut the power cord

Bed Frames Anchor
PLEXUS 2200/2500
Mattress is deflating
  1. The unit power button must be set to the on position.

  2. Unplug the mattress to reset.

  3. Check the power cord to assure it is attached to the pump.

  4. Check the soft-firm setting. Try increasing the firmness if the mattress is too soft.

  5. If the patient has been using the mattress for over a month the filter may be dirty and needs to be cleaned. The filter is located on the back of the unit (on top or next to the air tube connection). Remove the filter and wash with warm water.


  6. Lift the top sheet of the mattress, and check the manifold to make sure that it is not twisted

Mattress is deflating
  1. Unit power button should be set to the on position.

  2. Check the tube set that runs from the unit to the mattress. Make sure the connection clip is securely fastened at both ends. The connection clip should be locked in position, and should not move. If the tube is loose, a gentle push should lock it into place; you will hear a clicking sound.

  3. Check the Transport/Normal dial on the mattress itself. This dial should always be set to NORMAL. If it is set on transport, the alternating pressure function will cease and it will only stay inflated for about 13 hours. The air will slowly leak out during this time and will not re-inflate until it is set to normal.

  4. Unzip the mattress and check the inner tubing near the CPR. If it is unplugged, reconnect the tubing.

  1. Check the tubing for kinks and be sure nothing is resting on the tubing.

Support Surfaces Anchor TRB
Wheelchair Size Chart
  • For pts. under 5'2" please put "Please HEMI WC" in the notes.

  • For pts. that are in-between sizes please go to the size up for women and the size down for men.

  • Pts. over 6" will be more comfortable in a highback wc to accommodate their height.

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